Cooking Techniques

Cooking heritage breed poultry is different than cooking mass produced poultry bought in stores.  The biggest difference is FLAVOR.  Flavor takes time and an active bird

Our free range heritage poultry live the lives of real chickens and turkeys. They get lots of exercise and eat grasses, bugs and other available food they forage.

The heritage breeds have the legs of sprinters.  It takes time to break down the muscles when cooking.  The breasts are much smaller than store bought poultry.  It's easy to overcook the breast or undercook the thigh.

When cooking heritage breed poultry low and slow is generally the way to go.

Brining and or spatchcocking helps to hold in moisture and cook evenly

Cooking at 300 F for 25-30 minutes per pound allows the meat to cook more gradually.  You can increase the temp to 400-450 F for the last 10-15 minutes to get a crispier skin

Roast breast side down; allowing the breast meat to not overcook while allowing the dark meat the time needed to become the most flavorful.  Turn it breast side up for the last 15-20 min to allow the skin to crisp.

Rub butter on and or under the skin (you can mix herbs and seasoning in too)

Use a meat thermometer in the thickest part of the leg.  It needs to reach 170 F.  Allow to rest for 10-15 min after cooking.

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